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Frozen Food

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FFS Film

Printed tube form-fill-seal (FFS) films, in rolls, used for packing food products such as condiments and sauces, confectionery, dry, fresh and frozen food, in addition to oils and fat on vertical and horizontal FFS machines.

Pouch FFS Roll

Pouch FFS Roll

Multi-layer laminated film suitable for packing food products like bakery, condiments, dips, salad dressing or sauces, confectionery, fresh, dry or frozen food and other readymade food products.

Pre Made Pouches and Bags

Pre Made Pouches and Bags

Pre-made pouches and bags with diverse sizes for filling coffee powder, instant beverages, and other dry mixes, as well fresh, dry, ready-made, and frozen foods, including baked goods, condiments and sauces, confectionery, oils and fats.

Thermoforming Barrier Film

Co-extruded thermoforming barrier films provide high resistance & barrier properties to preserve the taste & extend bread & baked goods shelf life, also can be used as top & bottom web for packing and sealing fresh, frozen, smoked and processed fish, seafood, poultry, and meat.

Top Web Film

Printed multilayer laminated films to seal as a lid on flexible or rigid plastic containers, offering high barrier properties for food preservation like dry, fresh and frozen food. Also suitable for packing sauces and condiments, confectionery and readymade food.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags for packing and preserving freshness of dates, pickled vegetables and condiments, frozen food like meat, poultry and fish.