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Bundling, Packing & Shipping

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Edge Protector

Edge Protector

Edge protectors used to reduce shipping costs, product damage and provide superior load stability during storage and transit. It can also be used to enforce the edges of boxes, pallets.

Manual Stretch Film

Manual stretch films used to wrap products on pallets and keep them tightly bound whether they’re being shipped, stored or displayed.

Paper Rolls

Paper rolls used for wrapping and bundling various products during storage and transportation.

PE Bags

PE Bags used for packaging, bundling and shipping large heavy or light products.

PE Top Sheet

PE Top Sheet

Top sheets to prevent product direct contact with pallet board and to protect products loaded on pallets.

Pre Stretch Film

Pre-stretch film used for bundling, packing and storing product with better load stability and good clarity allows easier inspection of packaged products.

Shrink Film

Shrink Film

Printed or plain shrink films used for wrapping and bundling different products, offering excellent clarity to display packaged products.

Shrink Hood Bags

PE shrink hood bags used for wrapping, storing industrial and commercial goods, providing protection against dirt, shock and sun radiation.

Shrink Hood Rolls

PE shrink hood film in rolls and bags for wrapping pallets with excellent shrinkage ratio, pallet stabilization, unitization during shipment, protection against dust, shock and sun radiation

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch hood films in rolls to wrap palletized goods during shipping and storage, ensuring dust and water proof protection, excellent pallet stability and high clarity